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Ra and the Children of Nut

Nut, the Goddess of the Sky and Geb, the God of the Earth married each other.
They were about to have children, when in Ra's palace, Ra created Thoth, the God of Wisdom and writing. Being extraordinarily wise, Thoth could even predict the future.
"What does the future hold for me?" Ra asked Thoth, as soon as he was created.
"My Lord," Thoth said looking far ahead, his eyes glazed. "You will be powerful and rule over the world. However when your time comes, one of Nut’s children, would take over the throne from you."
Ra unfortunately got very angry when he learnt this. "Only when Nut gives birth, the child will take over my throne." he blazed angrily. "Nut will not be able to give birth to any children, during the day or night of any days of the year."
"My Lord..." Thoth started speaking but Ra silenced him with angry eyes, as he huffed away from there.
"...I am sorry." Thoth told Nut, all that had happened with Ra.
"How could Ra do this?" Nut demanded angrily. She was getting furious when she saw a tiny smile in Thoth’s eyes.
"What?" she snapped angrily as Thoth smiled wider.
"You cannot give birth during the 360 days of the year, right?" he asked.
Nut frowned not saying anything.
"Leave it to me." Thoth said grinning as he walked towards the bright light of the moon, whose light was almost as bright as the Sun, Ra himself.
"Khonsu, my Lord – you are the Lord of the Moon." Thoth said as he walked inside the palace of the Moon God.
"Thoth?" Khonsu said looking surprised at the God of Wisdom.
"Your light is almost as powerful as that of Ra." Thoth said glancing at the powerful God.
Khonsu glanced at Thoth almost realizing that the God had some secret agenda hidden, but was unable to figure out exactly what it was.
"Thoth. What are you doing here?" Khonsu asked the God.
"I have heard that you are the best Senet player. I wish to confirm it, myself." Thoth said looking at the God with awe in his voice.
"You wish to play Senet with me?" Khonsu asked repeating what Thoth had said.
Thoth nodded eagerly. "The Goddess Nut told me that there is no one who is as good as you, when it comes to playing Senet. Please I just wish for a chance to see it myself."
Khonsu became proud of himself. That the God of Wisdom himself should come and appreciate his Senet playing skills was something that was beyond anything he could imagine. He would definitely play the game with Thoth.
And so it started.
They started playing small. But then not for nothing was Thoth was the God of Wisdom. He won the games. Khonsu became steadily reckless as the game progressed. Unable to stop himself, Khonsu began to bet more and more.
"I bet a portion of my all-powerful light, in this game." Khonsu pronounced looking more angry and not thinking properly.
Not a hair betrayed Thoth’s real feelings as he nodded.
Khonsu lost the game. He kept losing all the games after that.

"I have solved your problem." Thoth said as he went to Nut.
"What?" Nut asked completely surprised. She was even more surprised as she saw the moon in the sky looking dull...almost as if...."What happened?"
"I played with Khonsu and he bet his light." Thoth told Nut the entire story.
Thoth’s plan worked out brilliantly well.
Using the light he had got from Khonsu, he fashioned five extra days. The days were not part of the 360 days of the year. They were from the light of Khonsu.
It was in these five days that Nut was able to give birth to her five children. Osiris was born on the first day. After him were born Horus, Set, Isis and Nepthys.
Unfortunately because Khonsu lost his light, the moon became dull in the sky. It was no longer bright as the sun was during the day.

When Ra learnt that Geb, the God of the Earth and Nut, the sky Goddess, had had children against his wishes, he was very angry.
He cursed that Geb and Nut could never be together.
Ra ordered Shu, the God of the Winds to make sure that Geb and Nut were never together.

Shu kept his word and he blew between the two Gods making sure that they did not meet. It was believed that it was for this reason earth and the sky were separated from each other.

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The Walls of Asgard

In the Norse Mythology, there had always been battles between the Gods and the Giants.
The city of Asgard (meaning the City of Gods) was built on the top of the mountains. However, the city was not safe because of the constant attacks of the Giants.
Odin, the Father of all Gods was worried because he had to spend all his times just protecting his city from the attacks of the Giants, instead of teaching the humans the way to live.
It was decided that a huge wall had to be built around the city of the Gods.
On the day that it was decided a stranger came to meet Odin. “I will build the wall around the city.”
Odin looked surprised as the stranger continued. “I do not know much about palaces. But I can build the best walls anywhere. Walls that cannot be climbed or broken by anyone.”
Odin was thrilled on hearing the news. He immediately agreed to it. “How long will it take for you to build the wall?” Odin asked the stranger.
One year from today.”
Odin was surprised. “You can build the entire war for a year from today?” He asked looking surprised.
The Council of the Gods also agreed to it and in return they promised to give him anything that he wanted.
The next day, the stranger came alone with his horse which was called Svadilfare.
The stranger started laying down the stones and mortared them. The Gods were surprised because at night when the stranger slept, Svadilfare helped the stranger by doing all the work that the stranger himself did.
As both the horse and the stranger worked continuously, soon the wall was getting built very fast.
Urged by the questions by the other Gods, Odin once went to the Stranger. “We have no doubt that you would finish the great wall protecting Asgard. But please tell us what you want in return. We will get it ready.”
The stranger smiled as he was doing his work. “I want the Sun, the Moon and Freya for my wife.”
Odin was shocked speechless. He was angry and furious for agreeing to grant the stranger whatever he had wanted. He called up his Council and told them all that the stranger had wanted. “Without the Sun and Moon, earth will not survive.” Odin looked at Freya. “Without Freya, Asgard will become gloomy.” Odin shook his head once again. “We cannot give the stranger what he wants. We better ask him to stop.”
All the Gods agreed to it. But Loki did not. Loki was the son of the Wind Giant though his mother was one among the Gods.
We have to grant him his wishes only when he and his horse completes the last brick on the wall before the year is up.” Loki smiled. “We will think about it, when the situation arises.”
It was just three days before the completion of the year and the wall was being built with great speed. Soon it was only the gateway which remained. The stranger asked Svadilfare to set the stones for the gates as he retired for the night.
The horse was dragging a huge stone when a beautiful mare came near it.
You are his slave aren’t you?” the mare asked laughing at the horse.
The horse stopped dragging the stone as it looked at the mare.
Who told you I am his slave?” The horse demanded.
The mare laughed again. “Isn’t it obvious? You work day and night and you dare not stop working for the stranger.” Saying this, the mare ran away from there.
Svadilfare was furious when he heard the mare's words. He ran after the mare, completely forgetting his work. He was very tired anyway.
The horse was very surprised because the mare was very fast. She rode through the mountains and the caves. And there when the horse finally caught up with the mare, she entertained him with the stories of the Dwarfs and the Elves. The stories thrilled the horse so much that he had forgotten all about the wall and his work.
The stranger woke up in the morning and expected the stone on the gateway to be put up. But neither was the stone put up, nor was his horse anywhere to be seen.
He called his horse, but the horse did not come. The stranger went in search for the horse, even until the realms of the Giants, but he could not find the horse.
Three days later when the year was to come to an end, the gateway of Asgard was alone not completed.
The Gods refused keep up their bargain. The stranger was enraged and tried to tear down the wall. But the Gods had him thrown out of there.
So the great wall of Asgard was formed and it was the most powerful wall to be ever built.
Naturally, the mare was Loki who had wanted to lure away Svadilfare from the place. It was with Loki’s help that the powerful wall of Asgard came to being.

Though, they had been successful, Odin was worried. He knew that the wall was based on trickery and that an injustice had been done, while bringing it up.

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Ra and Sekhmet - The creation of Hathor

Ra, the great king of the worlds, ruled the earth. Though he has arisen from Nu, the Waters, Ra was more powerful than Nu. During the morning, Ra was the Khepera, in the afternoon – he was Ra, the Sun and during the evening, he was Atum.
Ra knew the secret name of all the things and using it he was able to create everything that he could imagine.
First, Ra created Shu and the wind blew through the world. Next came Tefnut, and the first rains fell on earth. Then Ra created Hapi – and the Nile flowed through entire Egypt irrigating it.
From Tefnut and Shu came Geb, the God of the Earth and Nut, the Goddess of the Sky.
Finally Ra created all the people, animals and trees and he ruled the people wisely and well. Ra ruled the earth for a long time and took good care of all the people. He made laws so that the people would follow it and lead happy lives.
Though Ra was a God, he ruled the earth as a man. As Ra was a man on earth, he had a problem. Like all men, he grew old. As Ra got older, people did not respect his laws. They made fun of Ra and mocked him.
Ra is so old!” they whispered. “He is so old and all his laws are useless. He can do nothing against us,” the men whispered.
Ra came to know of this and he got very angry. The very people that he had created were making fun of him. No! This foolishness could not be allowed! The people – all of them had to be destroyed.
Taking a deep breath and trying to control himself, Ra turned to his bodyguard. “Summon all the Gods! I wish to talk to them in private.”
And so it was done, none of the people knew that their Gods were in the temple discussing about them.
The people have become foolish. Merely because I am old, they refuse to follow me,” An anguished Ra told the Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut. Even Nu had come to the meeting.
The people are becoming unbelievers,” Nu said quietly. Ra nodded as Nu continued. “These people would respect you only if they see your wrath.”
Ra's lips pursed in a single angry line as he heard the words of Nu. Slowly he nodded his head. And so it was decided. The people must be made to face the Eye of Ra.
It is said that the very next day, a ferocious lioness – Sekhmet, attacked the people of kingdom. No matter where they went they could not escape the lioness or even fight against her. The people fell.
Ra who was watching the destruction, suddenly felt sorry for the people. Seeing them he realized that no matter what they had spoken, they were after all his own people.
After that, Ra, tried to bring Sekhmet under his control.
But then Sekhmet was in a bloodlust and nothing that Ra said made sense to her. Realizing that there was no talking to her, Ra had his people go to town of Abu and find all the red coloured fruits that they could find there. Realizing that they had little or no time, the people fled to the town and brought all the fruits that they could.
Ra ordered the fruits to be crushed and ground and mixed with some beer and placed in 7000 jars. This was then poured in the meadows where Sekhmet was going to attack the next day.
When Sekhmet woke up the next day, she saw the meadow and assumed that the red liquid was blood and drank all of it.
Sekhmet enjoyed the drink but the drink made her very sleepy and by midday, there were no attacks as the lioness slept.
It was during this time that Sekhmet changed into Hathor, the divine Cow. Sekhmet gave up all her ferociousness and became the nurturing and loving mother – Hathor.

And thus the great destruction of the mankind was averted.

The Midas Touch

In Greek Mythology, Silenus, was the teacher and the companion of Lord Dionysus (also known as Bacchus in Roman Mythology). Lord Bacchus was considered to be the God of grape harvest, wine and fertility.
Once Silenus went missing and was not to be seen at all.
Bacchus was worried. He was looking around, waiting for Silenus. But Silenus was nowhere to be found.
The old man was walking tiredly half due to his old age and half because he was drunk. He was barely able to focus on anything, when he collapsed on the fields that he was walking through.
The old man did not know it but he had reached the kingdom of Phrygia. The peasants working in the fields were shocked to the old man. The man was old, but he exuded a kind of power.
Not knowing what to do, the peasants took the man to their king – Midas.
Midas watched the old man and realized that whoever the man was he was powerful man.
He turned to his people. “We have a distinguished guest with us. Let us have a grand festival for his honour.”
And so there was a lavish party in the kingdom of Phrygia. The old man was an excellent story teller and for the ten days that the party went on, the old man told the people of Phrygia many wonderful stories.
As the man spoke, Midas realized that he had been right in treating the man well. He now knew who the man was.
On the eleventh day, Midas took the man to Lydia with great honours.
There Midas found Bacchus who was worried.
My Lord!” Midas said bowing low and pointing behind him. “I have brought Silenus with me.”
Bacchus was overjoyed as he saw Silenus. He embraced Silenus tightly and realized that Midas had treated his really well. After Silenus had told Bacchus what had happened, Bacchus happily turned to Midas. “You have done me a great favour. Ask for anything that you wish for.”
Midas was overjoyed. “I wish that anything I touch should change into gold,” he said immediately before the God could change his mind.
There was an extra silence on the side of the God as Midas watched the God with worried eyes.
Out of so many things that you could have asked, you want this?” the God asked looking half sorry and half incredulously.
Midas was surprised. “Why, my Lord?” he asked surprised.
Is that what you want?” Bacchus repeated, making no move to elaborate his sentence.
Yes,” Midas said frowning, because he did not understand the improt of the question.
Your wish has been granted,” Bacchus said listlessly.
Midas watched his hands as his eyes sparkled with happiness as he walked back to his kingdom. He could scarcely believe that the God had said yes and he could not wait to try out his gift.
On a sudden impulse, Midas pulled down the twig of a tree. He was shocked as he saw the entire branch became gold.
Letting out a shout of joy, Midas just could not describe his happiness. With trembling hands he picked up the stone from the ground. The stone turned to gold. The wheat corns, apples, the door knobs. Midas touched them all.
Midas saw the flowing water and watched with almost greedy eyes. Midas touched it. There were no words to describe Midas's happiness as the water flowed like it was molten gold.
I want to eat,” Midas said as he turned curtly to his servant, barely able to take his eyes off the gold in front of him.
The meal was served and it was delicious to look at and Midas wanted nothing more than to have his full as he was living his life's dream. And that was when the man was in for a shock. The food that he touched all turned to gold. He picked up the food and was about to eat it when his teeth almost broke as it bit into the hard gold. Hastily Midas picked up the goblet of water. Midas could not drink that too, as it became molten gold.
Midas was walking across the road, staggering out of sheer exhaustion. To any eye it was obvious that Midas was rich, but his eyes conveyed great pain. The man picked up the fruit from the tree ravenously and was dejected as it turned into gold. Angrily he threw it away.
He hated this so much. This cursed gold. Because of which, he had not eaten or drank anything for days.
He sobbed in exhaustion and finally looked in the heavens. “I made a mistake. Please I do not wish the gift. Take it back,” he shouted.
Bacchus appeared almost immediately before him looking sadly at Midas.
This is no gift. Please take it back,” Midas almost cried.
Bacchus nodded his head. “Go to the city of Sardis, which is the capital of Lydia. There would will find the river Pactolus. The river flows from a huge mountain onto a stream. You will find a spring. Dip yourself in the spring and” Bacchus said with a slight smile. “would go away.”
Midas was thrilled as he went to Sardis.
He found the spring and as he touched the spring, he could find a sudden swirling in his hands. He felt something leave his body as it joined the powerful waters of the stream. (It is believed that this is the reason that the river Pactolus is such a rich source of gold.)
The first thing that Midas did was pick up some food and almost sobbed in relief as the foods remained as it was.

Now sick and tired of his wealth and riches, Midas gave it all up and became a follower of Pan, the God of fields and satyrs.

The Birth of Zeus

Rhea was quietly walking away from Mount Othrys, making sure she was not seen. But then she knew that she could not afford to be seen. Not now….Rhea hugged the little baby in her arms and turned around and was relieved to find that she was not followed by anyone. The cave before her, which she had chosen was perfect – it was in Mount Ida in the island of Crete.
As Rhea entered the cave, she heard rather than see anything. Fearing that her husband was here, Rhea rapidly went inside the cave, waiting.
She sighed in relief when she smelt the fresh, beautiful earth coming from the cave. She knew who that was. “Mother!” she breathed as she peered inside.
Rhea ran forward as Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth came forward. She was about to smile at her daughter when she saw that her daughter was scared. Really, badly scared and very, very angry.
What is it?” Gaea asked without any preamble. Though Gaea was the primordial Goddess of the Earth, Rhea was the Goddess which caused all life to be born on earth. There was no reason, not one, for such a powerful Goddess to be so scared or so angry.
Rhea shook her head angrily for some time. Gaea comforted her daughter.
It is Cronos,” Rhea said finally.
Gaea blinked, wondering what Cronos, the God of Time had done.
He…..He thinks that he would be dethroned by his children,” Rhea said sobbing. “He has swallowed all the other children,” Rhea said showing the new born infant in her arm. “He is the only one, whom, I was able to save.”
It is happening again,” Gaea whispered looking flabbergasted.
What is happening again?” Rhea asked, not understanding.
Gaea nodded quietly to herself and then looked at Rhea. “In the beginning, there was nothing but Chaos. A great Void, a nothingness. It was from that, that I emerged!” Gaea said as Rhea listened to the story intently. “But I was not the only one who emerged from it. Erebus, the God of Darkness, Nyx the Goddess of the Night and Tartarus, also emerged from Chaos,” Gaea said.
Rhea frowned. “Mother, I thought you came from Aether and Hemera.” (Aether was the God of Pure Upper Air, which was breathed by the Gods and Hemera is the Goddess of the Day).
Gaea smiled. “Yes, some people believe that they were my parents.”
Rhea shook her head as Gaea continued with the story. “Ouranus was the God of the Skies. Some thought he sprang from me. Others thought that he came from Lord Aether and Goddess Hemera and others even thought he came from Nyx.”
I was the Mother Earth and he was the Father Sky. We were the parents of almost all the races of earth. The first of our child was Oceanus – the huge flowing waters…everywhere!” Rhea listened intently as Gaea continued. “The next of our children are the Hecatonocheires – the hundred handed ones and the Cyclops.”
Where are they, Mother?” Rhea asked.
Ouranus flung them deep into Tartarus,” Gaea said bitterly.
WHAT?” Rhea asked not able to believe what Gaea had said.
Tartarus was the dark and evil place which was even beneath the netherworld.
Gaea nodded her head sadly. “The Hecatonocheires and the Cyclopes were so strong that they could shake the very earth. They could cause Earthquakes.”
Rhea nodded still looking shocked.
Ouranus was so shocked when he saw them so powerful that he became insecure that these children would take away the power of being the Supreme Ruler of the Earth from him and so he threw the children in Tartarus,” Gaea said quietly.
Rhea swallowed not able to say anything. She knew exactly how her mother must have felt then.
And so when the Titans were born, I was determined to teach Ouranus a lesson,” Gaea said her lips becoming thin and angry. “I made the sickle which Cronos has now. The sickle made of flint and I gave it to the Titans to protect themselves from Ouranus.”
Gaea took a deep breath to control herself. “Though Cronos was the youngest among the Titans, he was the only one who was willing to take the weapon. He took the weapon and when Ouranus came to earth, Cronos attacked Ouranus. Ouranus lost all his power and was now thrown in Tartarus,” Gaea said without any emotion. “With Ouranus gone, Cronos became the ruler of the Earth,” Gaea said her eyes reflecting pain. “From Ouranus’s blood which fell on the earth, emerged a new races – the Giants, the Furies and Melia. And another being also emerged from the ocean. Because she was from the ocean foam, she was called Aphrodite,” Gaea shook her head realizing that she was deviating from the main point.
But now, I realize that last words of Ouranus, which he said before he was thrown in Tartarus,” Gaea said looking intently at Rhea.
What is it, mother?” Rhea whispered.
Ouranus told Cronos that, just as he had been dethroned by his own children....Cronos would suffer the same fate!”
Gaea looked at Rhea who was looking very worried, “How were you able to fool Cronos?”
I wrapped a rock in some clothes and handed it over to Cronos,” Rhea said miserably.
Gaea nodded slowly. “He probably did not even know the difference,” Gaea said looking at the baby.
And Cronos has still not freed the Hecatonochieres and the Cyclopes from their prison,” Gaea said with angry, flashing eyes.
Rhea nodded. “You helped Cronos thinking that your children would be free.”
Gaea nodded slowly. “I think Cronos has set Campe to guard my children from escaping Tartarus,” Gaea was fuming. (Campe was a chthonic drakania. Chthonic meant under the earth. Drakania was a female dragon. Campe was a loyal servant of Cronos.)
Both the Goddesses turned as they saw a new voice at the cave.
A bleating noise came along with the chorus of some voices came as Gaea looked at Rhea. “I called Amalthea and the Mellisae,” Rhea said as Gaea nodded. “They will look after the baby, until he is grown up.”
Rhea gave Gaea a tight smile. “I have also called my warriors – the Korybantes - the priests from my temples for additional protection!”
Gaea nodded her head with approval.
And so it was done. Amalthea, the divine goat fed the infant with milk. The Mellisae, who were nymphs fed the infant with honey. One of the Mellisae was a nymph by name Adamanthea.
Gaea and Rhea both knew that unlike Ouranos, Cronos was not just the Lord of the Sky. Cronos could also detect anything which went wrong in the earth and the sea too. So smartly Adamanthea made a cradle and hooked it on a tree and placed the infant in it. Because the infant was dangling in between the earth and the sky, Cronos was not able to figure out anything different in the cave on Mount Ida.
When the baby cried, the warriors beat their drums and shields, making a loud noise, so that the voice of the infant would not be heard outside.
There were two other nymphs Cynosura and Helike who also nursed the infant when the infant was smaller and helped keep him hidden from Cronos.
The infant – Zeus, grew up to be strong, and was extraordinarily intelligent.
One day when the infant was playing with Amalthea, the boy had become so powerful that when he accidentally hit the horn of the sacred goat, the horn shattered and broke.
The boy looked at the broken horn and at Amalthea, ashamed at what he had done. “I....I am....” he fumbled.
You did it without realizing it,” the goat said, smiling, actually pleased at how strong the boy had become.

The boy took the broken horn and said,”Whoever looks into this horn would find whatever their heart desires.” (The Horn went on to become the Cornucopia, the symbol of abundance in Greek mythology.)

How Odin lost his eye

The Yggdrasil Ash tree stood tall and proud connecting the nine worlds through its branches and roots. The branches of the Yggdrasil extend to the heavens, and the roots of the trees extend deep beneath the other worlds.
In one of the roots of the tree was a fountain – Urdar Well, which was looked after by the Norn-maidens. The Norn Maidens knew the fates of all were given the job of watering the Yggdrasil. The Norns watered the Yggdrasil from the water of the Urder Well, because of which the Yggdrasil was always green and beautiful.
However what was even more special than this fountain was the Mimir’s well, which was in another root of the Yggdrasil Tree. Odin, the Allfather, who was the wisest among all the Gods kept knowing more and more about all the worlds, because his two ravens – Huginn and Muninn (Huginn means Thought and Muninn means Memory). The two ravens brought him news about all the events everywhere.
The two ravens, once brought Odin the news about Mimir’s well.
The waters of Mimir’s Well was not just plain water. Any person who drank the waters of Mimir’s well would become wise beyond all others.
Every day in the morning, Mimir would dip his horn – the Gioll into the Well and bring out some water and drink it.
When Odin came to know about the Mimir’s well, Odin wanted nothing more than to have a drink from the well.
So one day, after the sun had set, Odin left for Mimer’s secret Well.
After reaching the place, Odin peered into the well and saw the crystal clear waters of the well when he heard movement behind him.
"What do you wish, Odin?" The man who spoke to Odin was old, very old and looked at Odin calmly.
"I wish to drink water from your well," Odin told the wise man.
"That well belongs to me. I do not offer the water to all," Mimir said.
"Please! Let me have some water, taken from your horn. I will pay you for it," Odin told Mimir almost eagerly.
Mimir looked at Odin with an amused look. "What can you pay...." Mimir shook his head. "Before, telling you how you can pay me, tell me why you wish to drink from the well? This water is not meant for all."
Odin nodded. "I know many things. My ravens, keep me well informed. But then I wish to know everything. I wish to see everything. For that wisdom, I shall pay anything," Odin said simply.
Mimir looked at Odin sharply. "You wish to see....." There was a small smile in his lips as he looked at Odin. "Than that is what I wish. If you want to pay me, give me one of your eye."
Odin did not hesitate. Not even for a second. He knew that the wisdom which was to be his was much greater than the sight of an eye. And so, Odin left one of his eyes at the bottom of the Mimir’s well, where it is believed that it lies even now.

In return, Odin got the sparkling water of the Mimir’s well. The minute Odin drank the water, Odin became the wisest among all people. That is the reason that though Odin, the Allfather, the most strongest of all Gods, he is without an eye.

Ouranus and Gaia

Gaea is the primordial of all the Greek Gods. She is the Mother Goddess and the creator of all the races on earth. There are two rather interesting myths regarding the creation of Gaea. In one myth, Gaea was created from Chaos. Loosely translated Chaos is a great void – Nothingness. It was said that Gaea sprang forth from Chaos. But Gaea was not the only one who came from Chaos. From Chaos also emerged Erebus, Nyx and Tartarus. Erebus became the God of Darkness and Nyx became the Goddess of the Night. Tartarus ruled over the places under the earth which was even below the netherworld. (The Netherworld was under the control of Lord Hades.)
The other myth concerning Gaea is that she was the child of Aether and Hemera. Aether is the God of the Upper Air, the pure air which was the one which was breathed in by the Gods. Hemera was the Goddess of Day. The other myth says that both Aether and Hemera had two children – Gaea and Thalassa. Thalassa was a primordial sea Goddess.
Ouranus was the God of the Skies. There are many myths relating to the birth of Ouranus. Some myths state the Ouranus was created from Gaea herself. Some other myths make Aether and Hemera, the parents of Ouranus. Another myth states that Ouranus was created from Nyx.
Now that Ouranus and Gaea were created, Gaea became Mother Earth, Ouranus was the Father Sky. Gaea and Ouranus were the parents of almost all the races on earth.
Oceanus was the first child of Gaea and Ouranus. Oceanus was the huge, flowing waters all around the earth.
The next batch of children of Ouranus and Gaea were called fifty-headed Hecatoncheires (Hecatoncheires means the one with hundred hands). There were three Hecatoncheires called Briareus, Cottus and Gyges. The three children were very strong. In fact they were so strong that they had the power to shake the very earth and it was believed that their shaking was what caused earthquakes around the world.
However Ouranus was genuinely scared when he saw his strong children. These children are so strong….Even now they can move the very earth that they were born in….If they were left unchecked, they could become more powerful than him and dethrone him….Ouranus was scared badly. Without a second thought, he threw the Hecatoncheires into Tartarus.
Gaea was shocked when she saw what Ouranus had done. And unfortunately Ouranus did not stop there. Gaea and Ouranus had another batch of children – Cyclopes, who were strong, stubborn giants and had a single eye in the middle of the forehead. The three Cyclops children of Gaea and Ouranus were Brontes, Steropes and Arges. Looking at the brute force of the Cyclopes, Ouranus was again filled with cold fear and imprisoned them like he had imprisoned the Hecatoncheiros – deep in Taratarus.
Gaea was now very angry by the manner in which Ouranus was treating her children. As a mother she could not allow this. But she knew from the look in Ouranus’s eyes that he could not be reasoned with.
Gaea created a powerful sickle with a flint blade and waited. The third batch of children of Gaea and Ouranus were the Titans. These Titans who were 12 in number were incredibly strong, intelligent and very powerful. Gaea offered the sickle to her children to protect themselves from Ouranus. Cronos, the youngest Titan took the sickle from his mother.
So next, when Ouranus came to meet Gaea, Cronos was waiting for Ouranus. There, Cronos attacked the unsuspecting Ouranus. Ouranus stood no chance against the fury of Cronos. As the bleeding Ouranus saw the angry Cronos, Ouranus spoke angrily to Cronos….Angry words which later on proved prophetic! ‘Just as you have done to me….the same thing would happen to you! Your own children…would rebel against you and overthrow you!’
Ouranus was removed from power and as a punishment he was put in Tartarus. The place where Ouranus’s blood spilled on Gaea, three different races were born – the Giants, the Furies and the Meliae.
The Giants were a very strong race and aggressive. However unlike the name implied, the Giants were not necessarily of a large size. The Furies were the Goddesses who avenged people who had broken their promises. They were feared greatly as they punished the people who had broken their oaths.
The Meliae were the nymphs from ash tree.
However another interesting thing is the effect of Ouranus’s blood which had spilled in the oceans. From the Ocean emerged, emerged a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Her beauty was unsurpassed and as she had arisen from the ocean foam (aphros) she was given the name Aphrodite.

And so with the blessings of Gaea, Cronos who was the youngest Titan was made the Supreme King of the World. 

Ra and the Children of Nut

Nut, the Goddess of the Sky and Geb, the God of the Earth married each other. They were about to have children, when in Ra's palace...